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Our clients consistently say our candidates are prepared and ready to do the job.
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All of our candidates go through an in-depth screening process. Why does this matter?

When you work with C&S, you will work with a certified Staffing Specialists who has over 20 years of expertise in the staffing industry.

As part of our in-depth screening process your Staffing Specialists will:

  • Recruit – We will use inside knowledge of your industry to lead a recruiting team to develop a specific recruiting strategy to identify the ideal candidates. C&S Employment Solutions covers the advertising and recruiting cost so you don’t have to.
  • Screen and Interview Applicants – All applicants are screened according to your company’s procedures.
  • Orientation – Each industry and business have their own unique set of policies and procedures including safety requirements. The C&S staffing specialists will deliver a customized training and safety orientation to prepare employees to work as safely and efficiently as possible, based on your specific requirements.
  • Quality Control – The C&S staffing specialists will be in constant contact ensuring a proper match has been made and provide the best possible customer service to our clients.

Our screening and selection process is one of the most thorough in the industry. Because of this process and our years of experience, we understand the proper questions to ask and the exact skills to seek.

Our screening and selection process works because our clients consistently attest to the fact that C&S candidates are qualified and prepared for the job. And this equals success for everyone involved—our clients, our employees and C&S!

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