Staffing and Employment Services


Temporary staffing helps to fill in for vacations, sick days, maternity leave &/or busy seasons. C&S provides pre-screened workers who are ready when you have pressing deadlines, need to reach production or distribution goals, ensure patient care or just keep your office &/or business running smoothly. C&S Employment Solutions provides staffing for a variety of industries and can often times send qualified personnel within days.


Temp-to-hire staffing enables businesses to evaluate a candidate for a set period of time before deciding whether or not to hire them person permanently. During the evaluation period, the employee is on C&S’s payroll, workers comp and unemployment. This relieves your business of exposure to potentially expensive claims by a new employee. C&S also handles all disciplinary actions, garnishments and termination during this period.


Let C&S Employment Solutions search for your next full-time employee. We recruit, screen and interview candidates – you choose from the top prospects to shorten your time to hire and reduce hiring risks. C&S can conduct a background check and any other onboarding tasks your business requires including drug testing, certificate and education verification, reference checks and testing.


C&S Employment Solutions can manage payroll for your temporary and permanent workforce, saving you time and reducing administrative costs.  We will take care of W2’s and any other reporting obligations required for your business.

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